Tuesday, July 26, 2011

the lonely ranger

wow, almost two months away...I'm such an oathbreaker

Why I think it's SO much harder to get on here and update my books, movies, and weight yet not actually blog is beyond me.

I've taken my niece and nephew to Disney World, attended the American Library Association conference in New Orleans and been to the beach twice since June 15th. I call that a bit of activity. I'm so tired now I could just spit. I told my mom, no rest for the wicked, and she said that I'd definitely not been getting any rest but that I wasn't wicked.

Moms, they're good for taking up for you and a whole passel of other stuff if you're lucky. I am.

I'm stuck in the Game of Thrones vortex again right now. Between the TV show (I can't watch) and the new book (I most certainly can read), I don't think about too much else except Downton Abbey. Damn you VSL, for bringing this show to my attention! My faithful friend Netflix delivered it, disc by disc, to my hot little hand and I fell utterly and helplessly in love. If you've not yet availed yourself of this little PBS show, do so immediately if not sooner. The second season is in filming right now so I'm already lining up viewing options with friends who do have broadcast television.

Of course, I also did the same thing for Game of Thrones and couldn't stay on the viewing wagon but my own personal road to hell is paved with GOLDEN good intentions. Always has been. Hopefully they'll get it released to DVD soon (Christmas bells are ring-ing!) and I can lock myself in the house, not answer the phone, and gorge on its oh-so delicious decadence. I'm all about that.

I'd truly forgotten how much fun this was. Shame on me. Mel just accosted me with stupid PDF questions. It's always nice to see someone reach ripe grad school type ages and still not know how to print a f*#king PDF. "It prints fine at home. I don't understand why your computers are so difficult."

me either, princess.

Something that can't go out on Facebook. THIS is why I've been blogging less and NEED to blog more.

That is all.