Wednesday, March 28, 2007

More Birthday Madness!!

Okay, I'm feeling a little bit better today :)

Ironically, it was the computer class I taught this morning that did the trick. I have a really great group in Mr's K and H and Mrs. M. They're enthusiastic, participatory, and eager to adapt. That makes them a pleasure to teach :)

Anyway, on the B-day madness. I had been looking for this picture ever since the B-day dinner with my family a couple of weeks ago. I don't know about everyone else, but I really have a bad habit of putting things in a safe place...a real safe from even me :) But the B-day humor/madness first:

Scatological Humor

This particular brand of humor is a staple if you are to make it among the Wesley’s. Just about any sound that can be made by air issuing from the human body, and that is usually considered disgusting, we (okay, most of us) find hilarious. Case in point, my b’day cards from my niece and nephew, S and C. In avoidance of copyright infringement, I’ll annotate instead of scanning.

C’s choice (American Greetings if you’d like to rush out and get one for yourself) features a dog contemplating a discarded wad of chewing gum with not a little avarice. The dog happily snaps up that tempting, bacteria-laden morsel and subsequently suffers some intestinal distress. Open the card and through some trick of engineering genius, a large, pink bubble issues from the dog’s hind quarters. Don’t feel sorry for the dog…he’s grinning like a Cheshire cat :) On a related note, we had a dog named Bob (who’s still kickin around I might add, she must be 12 or 13 if she’s a day) who’s eyes were bigger than her stomach….WAY bigger. No one told her that disposable was not the same as edible...she ate a disposable diaper. “Why didn’t you stop her?” you may ask? We didn’t catch it on the way in, if you catch my drift. She had to have some assistance on the exiting end and Dad, in all his weak-stomached glory, drew the short straw. In the weak and straining interests of decorum and good manners, you imagine the rest :)

S’s selection, poet that she is, featured a lovely female skunk on the front cover and contained a poem about farts (another American Greetings winner, I’d love to meet their writers). I obviously can’t recreate the whole thing here, but this is my favorite stanza:
“A fart can occur in a number of places, And leave everyone with strange looks on their faces.” I told my brother D that stanza was definitely in honor of him since the “drop and run” is his favorite sport. S also included a lovely drawing which I’ve included below. She’s on a Redwall kick right now!


P.S. For those AR people out there, we named the dog Bob because she was born with a bobbed tail. And she did not look like a Bobbie, so Bob it was. She makes a very feminine Bob too!

Tuesday, March 27, 2007


Once again the F-ing University of Alabama has F-ed up my schedule! Registration began yesterday at 11am. I was at my computer, logged on to MyBama, at 10:55am and continuously checking so I could register AS SOON AS they opened registration. I got in, registered for my first class, LS 590-990, then went on to my second, LS 590-002. I got the message "Registration error-Duplicate course" which was obviously F-ed since they are not the same course, offered in different months with different instructors, different CRN numbers, DIFFERENT, DIFFERENT, DIFFERENT, DIFFERENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

After several tries, I called SLIS and spoke with Dr. Aversa, the Dean of the School of Library and Information Studies. It doesn't get any higher than that, people! At that time the class was half full and it was only 11:07am. Now, I'm not in the class I want, it was closed by 11:09, and I will no doubt get the shaft again. I F-ing hate that school, that program, my life while I'm in it. Now, thanks to this most recent screwup, I'll probably have to end up taking Children's Lit in July. There is absolutely nothing wrong with Children's Lit and it would be not-miserable to have another class with Dr. Atkinson but if I had gotten into the class I wanted I would be finished in June instead of July and I might actually have gotten to go somewhere or do something.

I just got into work so I can't let out the unintelligible, hysterical screaming that is going on inside my head. I haven't worked up a smile yet either so the night will be long and there may be a reprimand in my future, who knows?

I say right now that if they fix this and get me in that class that by all rights I should be in, I'll not hate them so much...maybe. I might even be able to work up a few nonhostile statements about the school and their library program...but I doubt it.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Crisis Averted

So I've told Mom that we can relax a little now that she has been thoroughly checked over by the doctor via this neat test you can see. This is a generic picture but they did send us home with a page of similar pictures of my Mom's little ticker...looked good and no significant blockage was found so her "feeling yucky" is not cardiac in nature. All that's left is some thyroid testing and hopefully my little Momma-cita will be feeling more like herself and we can start hanging out together more...maybe even take a trip! We'd have to take the pest out with us but surely I can put up with one small terrier mutt long enough to enjoy myself? Doncha' think?....okay, maybe....

Be sure and checkout KT's blog, The Burrow! She has changed the template and added all kinds a' neat stuff and some wonderful new pictures of Poptart!

I have more things to say, but have unfortunately left this too late in the day to do it justice. Me & T have to close down now so I gots to go!


Wednesday, March 21, 2007

A Harrowing Day for Holley T.

Poor mom! She's sick and having a really tough time. Some sort of thyroid problem is wreaking havoc with her. Around noon her boss called to say that something was wrong with her and the paramedics had been called. I rushed out to the hospital but the boss called again to say that she was refusing to go to the hospital in the ambulance and could I come take her. Well of course when I got there she refused to go to the hospital since she's going to the Dr's office tomorrow. I can see her point though. She is aware of the problem, the doctor is aware of the problem, and she is pursuing treatment for the problem.

Also, Dr. B put her on medication for the thyroid problem which she took for the first time this morning not 30 minutes before the "episode". I looked at some of the information that comes with the medication and it listed the "adverse effects" that sometimes occurred with some pretty significant cardiovascular stuff listed. I'm worried, she's worried, so hopefully the specialist she is seeing tomorrow will have some good news for us.

Only 5 weeks left in the semester and I'm still alive! YEAH!

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Still enjoying 30!

My 30th birthday is now 2 weeks old and I can honestly say that I am still excited about being 30, no longer associated with those dastardly 20-somethings (no offense intended to all MY 20 and younger peeps out there!) who give being 20-something a bad name!

I had dinner with my dad and stepmom and my brother D and his family last weekend (Hi K, S, and C!) to celebrate. D and fam had been out of town for the previous couple of weeks so we just moved the celebration back a bit. After dinner, we went to Tannehill State Park where the ‘rents were camping. We roasted marshmallows; S told me a great story complete with weasels, bunnifoxes, a pasta-loving cow named Boudica, a frog (Freeda? I know it started with an ‘f’), and an evil lord…but don’t worry, he got his comeuppance. S promises to finish the story in a series of emails so I’m looking forward to it.

In honor of my 30th Birthday, I’m posting a photo of my brother Eddie. He was killed in 1989 in a drunk-driving accident when I was 12 and he only 20. So I figure I’ve turned 30 for him, even though in my mind’s eye he is always 9 years older than me.

This photo is from his high school prom. I always love this little snapshot of the mid 80’s with the quaffed hair and white tux. I was young enough and it was nearly twenty years ago so this and the few photos I have are really the only way I can remember what he looks like. We did not get along and never hung out or talked to one another much so I have only a few memories of any significance:

Eddie raced BMX bicycles, loved Van Halen, his girlfriend was named Stacy, he was an aluminum welder primarily (but welded anything when the occasion called for it), and was a great artist although he was almost completely color blind. I’ll take a picture of “The Lady” (which hangs in my living room) and put it here later. Due to the color blindness, I remember he preferred to work with charcoal so he wouldn’t have to worry about making anything the wrong color.

My maternal grandfather was also colorblind. The way I understand, it skips generations and is carried on the maternal side so if I [lost my mind and had children] had a grandson then he would run a good chance of being colorblind also. Scary, huh?


Wednesday, March 14, 2007


Things I'm currently putting off:
  1. another visit to my therapist
  2. assignments in LS 505
  3. assignments in LS 522

Alas, the therapist I won't be able to do anything about as he is in control of my medication and I'm on my last refill. They're sneaky that way....don't worry, don't worry, I'll go. I'll make my appointment tomorrow.

As for the school assignments, I'm off this weekend and will work like....something that works really hard...on both those classes. Severe burnout is taking its toll.

I will also be taking a couple of days off work sometime soon! Hopefully that will give me much needed time to work on all of these assignments. My literature review (10 pages!!!) will be on LGBTQQ collection development. Since I know little about it, I figured it would at least be interesting. For those not in the know, that's lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgendered, queer, and questioning. For brevity's sake, usually referred to as LGBT lit.

6 on the dot, gotta run



Friday, March 2, 2007

¡Feliz Cumpleaños a Mí!

Thanks to everyone who made my birthday great!