Thursday, February 13, 2014


Fortunately, I haven't been too adversely affected by our frosty weather here in Birmingham, Alabama.  The first time, I was already at home when everyone else got stuck.  My mother was stuck in her car on the interstate for over 24 hours.  It made me a nervous wreck, but I was a wreck sitting nice and warm in my pjs in a comfy recliner in a house holding at a stead 70 degree temp.  The next time was kind of a dud, as is this one, sort of.  Plenty of snow (for us!) but the temps never really dipped below freezing and the sun has come up on what should be a nearly 50 degree day.

All that being said, I'll finally cry winter uncle.  I want to go outside without a coat.  If I wanted cold temps on a regular basis, I would move to an area where I could enjoy such a thing.  Like many of my friends, I'm ready for spring.  I want to take a walk in the sun, unencumbered by a coat or sweater.  I want my power bill to be less expensive.  The usual.  Of course, in the interests of full disclosure, I'll be able to do that (probably wearing flipflops) next week.  Our bipolar weather is legendary.  It makes me VERY happy that I don't have sensitive sinuses.  I have plenty of friends really suffering as we pinball between warm and humid, cold and humid, warm and dry, and cold and dry.

Also, I believe I'd have an easier time getting myself motivated to get more exercise.  Nothing has been holding me back previously  It's not even an excuse.  I was doing fantastically for a while, then it just got uncomfortably cold for me, my knees and hips ached, the works.

I've got plans for myself this year, though.  Big plans that require a not-so-big person.  So it's time to stop moping with myself and remake some, great habits.  I've had them in the past so I know I can have them again, maybe even on a more permanent basis this time around!

Here's hoping anyway!