Tuesday, September 9, 2008

I'm blushing!

If you direct your gaze to the sidebar under the "About Me" section, you will see the flattering little doo-dad (also shown here) I got from one of my best buds, KT!  I have been tagged to spread the "I *heart* your blog" love so I will now tap some of my bestest blog buds with the same responsibility.

1. KP - For so many reasons, first and foremost being it's a kick@$$ blog!  Topical, up-to-the-minute sociopolitical commentary through an artistic filter, great family stories (Cooper's uninvited friend was soooo creepy!), and he also has a great group of commenters.

2. Lauren - For the name of your blog alone, I commend you...and your boss said that to you? :)  Plus, Lauren is smart, funny, and a lifesaver at work. She keeps me intouch with the SLIS world just as much as I want to be and never a smidgeon (sp?) more.  Also, she has acquired for me a signed first edition of Andrew Davidson's The Gargoyle (which I've blogged about before)!  I swore a vow of forever and undying friendship. Yay Lauren!

3. Elizabeth - E is a former coworker who is currently enduring the rigors of grad school.  I sympathize, empathize and any other -athize that applies (teehee!).  

4. um....see, I'll think of somebody later and feel bad that I can't come up with them right now.  I guess I could always come back and update the post if that happens.  Meanwhile I'll list some of the people I would have chosen if they (wink,wink, nudge, nudge) were to begin blogging OR were to inform me if they already do and I didn't previously have this information.  Also eliminated are KT, Erica and Z because KT tagged me and she also tagged Erica and Z.  It's like playing Scrabble...if no one builds off the ends then you get one clump of letters that can't go anywhere and we're all stuck making the "it," "do," "so," and "up"'s of the Scrabble world.  Okay, that was kinda stupid, but whatever.

5. Carrie - She signed up for a blog, posted one thing, and refused to be hounded by me to post anymore so you'll notice that it hasn't been updated since October 7, 2007.  For shame!  You should definitely blog!  The snorting coworkers, enforced weeding and chaotic moving would be good stuff.

6. ML - Another great coworker, a nickname for whom I am still working on developing.  I have asked his preference many times and we have settled on trying to find a Battlestar Gallactica name generator.  Perhaps he already has a blog.  I'm sure I'd love it if I could find it, if it existed, and it would no doubt be enlivened by the addition of an "I *heart* your blog" doo-dad.

7. Who else?  T(!!!!!!!!!!!), Polly, Daxx the Magnificent, Mrs. Roomie, my mom, PrincessQeenJackal...if I think of some more I will update.  I know that will just be the most exciting thing evah!


Lauren said...

Thanks, Holls! You just made my morning. :) Can't wait to see your masterpiece from Sips N Strokes. Maybe the "nuisances" will leave you alone to paint in peace. Ha.

Holley T said...

If they don't leave me alone, I'll slop 'em with some paint and they'll be forever enshrined :)