Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Greetings from the beach!

first off, right now I'm on St. George's Island, Florida with my brother and accompanying family and I have absolutely NO cell phone reception anywhere on this island. So I haven't been avoiding anyone, I just haven't been able to call.
Friday I drove to Orange Beach, Alabama with my friend KT, her sister Z and mom, Lady. KT rode with me and we told stories and giggled and just had a blast in general. Our condo was ExCeLlEnT...right on the beach and the A/C was fierce. Coffee and sugary pastries in the mornings and daquaries (sp?) and fried seafood afternoons and evenings. I've not been on a Girls' Trip in a long time and it was SO MUCH FUN! Sunday we went on a sunset dolphin cruise that was a lot of fun, beautiful scenery all around. Monday we spent the morning on the beach and my companions headed home while I drove (and drove and drove and drove and drove and drove and drove and drove) to St. George's Island. I left Orange Beach at about 1:30 and got to the beach house here at 7pm. It took 4-ever!
It's pretty nice here but we've got some fairly heavy surf being thrown at us from the far off Hurricane Dolly. We played in it all day yesterday but I am definitely feeling it this morning. I got scraped on the bottom of the ocean so many times it's a wonder I have any skin left. I'll be taking some Aleve with my coffee this morning for the soreness. Last night DB and SiL went out for dinner by themselves then E (his other half brother but not mine...half-sibling family politics can be hard to explain) and I met them at the local restaurant/bar on the island as DB mentioned "live entertainment". The live entertainment turned out to be karaoke. We drank WAAAAY to much and laughed tons. It was fun too!
We are basically just hanging out today. SiL has to find a doc-in-a-box for my niece who has contracted an ear infection that is causing her some severe discomfort.
That is all for now!


Erica said...

glad to hear you're having a great vacation!!! :)

t said...

how funny! Me, brother C and niece A were at Chez Mimi from Thursday until Sunday. Hope you have a Great time!