Saturday, October 9, 2010

witchy woman

one of my fav Eagles songs

I FINALLY made it through the "Hags and Beauties" section of Poems Bewitched and Haunted. It was a chore. I sure hope men get equal treatment somewhere in this book because it was depressing how hard the woman-bashing went on. I thought, perhaps, somewhere, there would be an empowering sort of hag or beauty but no, they all could have starred front and center on Days of Our Lives or some such show. Powerful, shallow, ignorantly cunning...pshaw! I was glad to get past all that.

The "Dangerous Procedures" section was disappointing. Really, it was merely an extension of "Hags and Beauties," with recipes! Blissfully short.

Now we're getting to some good stuff, "Dangerous Venues!" Edgar Allan Poe's "The Haunted Palace" was pretty good, obviously, but my favorite so far is Thomas Hood's "The Haunted House." I will set it down for you here, but I will also be posting it, a stanza per day, over on facebook. It's perfect for it! Creepy and atmospheric with a gothic spice...good stuff!

Okay, the book only has Part I of this three part poem, in total there are 88 stanzas! It's too long to set down here, but click through if you are interested!

Read scary,


Wine in Thyme said...

not scary, but still a good read: the trilogy of the Hunger Games. Wow! Downloaded it to my Kindle and finished all three in record time. My 15.5 year old son loved the stories as well.

Holley T said...

I absolutely LOVE the Hunger Games trilogy! One of my favorite teen patrons here at the library has a t-shirt that says (in a drippy paint font) "Down with the Capitol!"...I'd love to have one, but the store where she purchased it doesn't specialize in grownup wear. I'll have to cruise around on cafe press and see what i can find!