Thursday, June 2, 2011

gardening anxieties

My rosemary, petunias, and eggplant are growing like hard core mofos!

My tomato plant is grudgingly growing, but it's very, very bitter about it. I'm not certain why.

I forgot to water my plants one day 2 weeks ago and my cilantro suffered mightily. I was nursing it back to health, but was away from home overnight on Memorial Day. Apparently, my plants want water, and a lot of it, first thing in the morning. 4/5 of the cilantro is dead and crispy and my strawberry plant, previously in the "hard core mofo" camp, is struggling out of a severe dryup. I'm most sad about the little stalk that I am POSITIVE was about to bloom! My first little strawberry, dead in our 100 degree May heat. I firmly believe it's going to bounce back, though I'm not so sure about the cilantro. It's little tag said "full sun" but maybe it was exaggerating just a teensy bit. Perhaps it should have said "mostly full sun, unless it's 100 degrees in May and there's no shade" but I guess that doesn't fit too well on the little tag.

But oh, the petunias are eating it UP! Pour on the water and watch them grow. It's possible they could be able to detail my car by this weekend if this rate of growth continues...

I'll have to take another picture to compare with that first one, just for posterity's sake.

Off to bed! I promised myself at least 7 hours of sleep tonight and I just may make it. That most enormous, black hole of time suck, Facebook, is dealing me fits. I'm going to have to start using the kitchen timer and parse out time. When the timer goes off, the book of face is closed. We'll see how it goes.

That is all.

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Wine in Thyme said...

Not sure what you can do to turn a bitter tomato into a better tomato. Maybe read a book to it.