Friday, January 6, 2012

happy new year

so, I'm six days in on the new year and not doing so well with my new year's resolution to blog more.  however I'm absolutely kicking ass on my new year's resolution to stop using my debit card at drive thru's...but it is only 6 days in.  I'm trying not to focus on that though.  One of my daily motivational emails (which I printed out and have hanging over my desk at work) says to be careful what you wish for, not because you might get it, but because that may emphasize its absence in your life.  So, somewhere in my convoluted mind, this connection makes sense to me....that I not focus on the 299 odd days left in the year with no debit drive thru, but rather on my 6 days of ass kicking success.  Tomorrow will be big number 7!

KT and I are going to see The Devil Inside tonight.  There's little we like better than a good demon possession movie, so hopefully it'll be just that...GOOD!  I don't know what's worse, going home alone to a (hopefully) empty house as I'll be doing, or going home to a husband who KNOWS how susceptible you are to getting spooked and who possibly might hide in a dark doorway to scare the crap out of you as you creep in late at night as KT will be doing.  It's a toss up for sure :-)

You may be thinking to yourself, or actually saying out loud, "why go to a horror movie if it scares you?"  I have no answer for you.  I love horror movies, the scarier the better.  If it keeps me from going to sleep or makes me wakeful, staring out into the dark from under the covers, I'm happy.  Go figure.

again, Happy New Year!


Lauren said...

I LOVE that quote about being careful what you wish for. And I'm stealing it.

Happy 2012! So far, so good!:)

Holley T said...

I love it too. I'll find the exact quote and email it to you!