Friday, December 29, 2006

The Woes of a Petsitter

That is really an untrue title as I haven't had any real woes on this Christmas' jobs...three at one time this year; 1 stay, 2 visists.

At house numero uno, D got muddy from all the rain and subsequently had to have a bath. She seems to be a hyperactive Border Collie on Greyhound legs and the bath was messy and difficult. Just getting her into the tub was like trying to put a cat in a pet carrier and she tried to make a break for it at every opportunity. It has been so cold recently that I waited until after her bedtime run, bathed her, dried her with a hairdryer (which went over real well, let me tell you), and we went to bed. She pranced and preened and was highly aware that she was now a beautiful, clean puppy. Isn't that always the way with a dog? Struggle to the death at the sticking point, then love the resultant praise?

House numero dos had no problems what so ever. E and A were angels all week long; the only sadness was that L went on the trip with the owners and wasn't there to love on.

House numero trés was also no problem, but the weirdest thing happened on my last visit the day the owner was supposed to return. I fed S and made a final run of the house to make sure nothing was chewed and no "surprises" had been left and there was a small pile (about 2 cups) of dry potting soil on a rug in the back of the house...too much for him to have carried in his mouth or to have stuck to his hair. I looked all over and could find no uprooted or disturbed plants. Everything outside was wet because it had been raining for a few days....very Blair Witch....

I'll post some photos when I have time (aka when I learn how) so that these initials will have a face. I guess I'll need to get permission from the, owners...before I do that too :)


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