Monday, May 10, 2010

happy today

I read on some blog or other, it may have been about a book on the topic, that you have to be more proactive about your happiness these days so it's a good idea to keep a happiness journal. At the end of every day, you write about your happiest moment.

So, here goes!

My happiest moment today was fairly subtle I think and, as usually happens, early on in the day. I had a cup of good French roast coffee, the sun shining in my office window, and a list of easily accomplished tasks set out before me. I got them all done, or nearly so. That led to my second happiest moment, leaving all that work completed at the end of the day, not to be bothered with on the morrow :-)

of course, when I got home, the heat pump had two inches of ice on it.

so it goes!

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