Tuesday, July 6, 2010

money pit

no...not really, and I do love that movie.

So, between tires, an axle, and the potential cost of my increasingly poorly functioning refrigerator, I'm feeling more than a little broke. I hate, hate, hate asking my mom for money but it's better than getting behind on something I suppose.

Of course, the fridge problem couldn't happen at any time during my vacation days. It has to happen now. I know it needs to be unplugged but that will have to wait until I can bring home some ice for the cooler for what little is in there. It just wasn't something I was prepared to do tonight. So, a flotilla of towels are stuffed under the front to mop up the steady drip of water. I don't know when I'll be able to call someone, much less how I'll pay for the sh!t. It's at times like these that I sometimes wish I rented, that way it would be someone else's problem...wouldn't it?
I wonder if I could get my dad or stepmom to come over and wait on a repair person...might be worth thinking about.

As usual, nothing much going on here. I do think my knee is going to be fine without drastic help, hopefully. The brace and the rehab exercises seem to be doing the trick although I had to lay off the anti-inflammatories as they were causing some indescribable intestinal distress despite taking them with food. In the interests of keeping what few readers I may have, I'll leave it at that.

On a more pleasant note, I am reading the new book The Secret Lives of Somerset Maugham and totally falling in love with someone who not only died in 1965, but was also of a homosexual persuasion though he never turned a blind eye to an exceptionally pretty lady either. I can feel a challenge coming on...to read, watch, and own everything he's ever written that I can get my hands/eyes on. I like it. I shall make it so.

What are you in love with lately?


Wine in Thyme said...

If you like Somerset Maugham, you may like Graham Greene as well. good stuff for summer reading.

Holley T said...

Greene was mentioned often in the book and I've always wanted to try his writing! I'll have to shoehorn it in somewhere, maybe an audiobook :-)