Monday, August 13, 2012

who's ready for fall?

Um, that'd be me.  I'm so ready for some cooler temps, I could just spit.  We've had a couple of cooler days here and it just whets the appetite for a crisp fall day when I can put a box fan in the window and call it a day.  I really enjoy that time of year (spring and fall) when I have a month or two of power bills down in the double digits since I don't have to run the air/heat.

Anyway, I still haven't received a surgery date and I seem to be on the acid blockers indefinitely.  It's the only way I can tolerate the vitamins.  My knee scope has healed fantastically!  I won't be walking for fitness anytime soon, but I take short walks from time to time.  I'm getting most of my exercise from a recumbent bike, plus I'm pretty active at work.  My plantarfaciitis AND carpal tunnel have both decided to flare up recently so I've really been feeling like an old lady.  Joints popping, limping, stiff and sore.  Plus I hate sleeping in my wrist braces because I always have dreams that I'm tied up and in danger.  It's distressing.

Other than being in a holding pattern, waiting for a surgery date, nothing's going on.  I sleep, drive, work, drive, and sleep again.  I'm usually too tired for anything else.  Being down with the knee, and only for a few weeks, really seemed to mow me over.  I was exercising so hard this time last year before all that began.  I felt good and I WAS good, then it all went to shit so quickly.

Here's hoping I can get back that feeling of well-being and fun by the end of the year!

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