Saturday, January 5, 2013

lemme tell you my favorite time of year

I have a couple of them here at the 'brary, led quite strongly by junior high/high school exams in May and December.  And when I say favorite, I really mean one of the inner circles of hell.

But hey, don't mind me.  After all, my occupation is listed as one of the least stressful jobs this year.  (along with medical records, T.  Let me know how you feel about that, as I know you will read this)

My second most favorite time of year is tax time, which apparently starts (for us) in November.  Guess what folks?  Even if I had your tax forms in November, while legislation is being decided in case you don't watch the news/listen to the radio/read a newspaper/have a pulse, I can't put them out until after the first of the year.  Now the deluge has begun.  "Why don't you have tax forms?"  "When will they be here?"  "Why are they late?"  ...and the like.  People, I have as much control over the when and how of your tax forms as I do over global warming and world peace.  In fact, I think I just may have MORE control over world peace than I have over tax forms.  I ordered the damn things in August.  AUGUST, people.  Just as soon as the ordering was ready, I ordered.  My part is done.  Quit making me personally responsible for your tax forms.  You know where you can get them RIGHT NOW if they're available?  A little thing we like to call the internet.

"You have until April.  Back the fuck off."

That's what I want to say.

I didn't, of course.  But I thought it REAL HARD.

That is all.


T said...

What will these people do if filing taxes go completely online?

Holley T said...

Librarians everywhere will then inherit the responsibility of dragging them, kicking and screaming, into the whatevereth century. It'll be so nice, I look forward to it.