Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Uncommon Reader by Alan Bennett

This is a re-read for me as I read it early last year but it was the pick in one of my book groups and I was SO not sorry to read it again! This is a very short, VeRy delightful tale of what happens when Queen Elizabeth (the current one) becomes a voracious reader. A great little book to while away a summer afternoon! I reviewed it previously back in Feb 2008 so click through if you'd like the whole review!


Jenne said...

Loved it! A friend lent it to me and it sat on my shelf for months. I was kicking myself for leaving it so long!

Holley T said...

This is such a perfect summer book that I can't believe I've not been suggesting it...I will certainly be fix that this year!

Anonymous said...

i have this one on my nightstand for my summer reading challenge--hey, were you the one who suggested it?!?! i'm getting to it shortly. :)