Tuesday, June 16, 2009

another bout of super secret secretness

so, I got another book from Harlequin for review but as last time, I agreed to share no information about the title. However, I took the time to read it so I'm counting it for the 100+ Reading Challenge even though I cannot share the story with you. Ironically enough, this time I really enjoyed it and wish I could tell. They sent me one in the mail and one ebook. I don't like reading off the computer, but I am persevering!


Anonymous said...

LOLOL! It counts as long as it has or will have an ISBN number. :) If it doesn't, it will I am sure.

Holley T said...

That's what I don't understand about agreeing to not talk about them...both titles I received have a May pub date! I may email Harlequin and ask, maybe I just don't quite understand what I'm reading. Stranger things have happened!