Thursday, January 7, 2010

real snow days

As we prepare for the massive 1 inch of accumulation expected here in Birmingham, Alabama, I believe it's the perfect time to reflect on my time in the snow up north. Granted, it's 40 degrees here and the real problem will be with ice since we have no real infrastructure in place for any cold weather type problems. Let's face it, the only real snow I remember here was in 1993. Anyway, moving on!

Here we are outside our hotel. I have no recollection where we were going, but we were geared up for just about anything!

Me, my brother David, my sister-in-law Karen, neice Shelby and nephew Conner posing for the camera. We walked from s-i-l's sister's house down to a little zoo in a park near the house. A guy had a gas-powered little snow shovel thing getting the walkways clear and we went right in. This is also right next to the hill where we held the late night New Year's Eve sledding I mentioned in a previous post.

On New Year's Eve we had dinner at a wonderful French restaurant called Le Cancard Enchaine. Their website is not was I'd call robust, but there's a nice picture. It was a very comfortable place and the food was beyond anything I've had before (other customer reviews/comments). I did sample some of Dave's escargo (cooked in butter and there any other way?!) and sincerely wished I'd gotten some for myself but I did have an absolutely decadent goat cheese salad. Around the table we had steak, beef bourguignon, rack of lamb, and grilled salmon. We shared food, conversation, laughter and had wine (the kids did not of course) all the while and it was one of the best New Year's Eves in my memory! We did not go into the city (apprx 200 miles from where we were) but instead sledded at the park of course then watched all the celebrations on tv and munched on all the snacks we picked up at the grocery store when we bought our sleds.

We went to this almost 200 year old ski resort, Mohonk Mountain House, where Dave, Karen, and the kids went ice skating! It was so beautiful and I took about a million pictures but this is one of my favorites. Visit their website to see the whole complex. Anyway, the wind was blowing pretty fiercely on top of this hill and the snow was coming off the roof in waves but it was a little too dark for that to show up like I'd hoped in this photo but the sunset's pretty so I'll take it. The ice rink open-sided and it was COLD up there but I loved every minute of it! I did not ice skate as that is not one of my talents and I had no wish to injure myself the day before we let but loved watching everyone else. There was a huge fireplace, easily the size a bathroom or walkin closet, and I spent most of my time there.

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Katie said...

These are some GREAT pictures - especially the one from dinner!
Ya'll look like you had fun ;)