Friday, January 1, 2010

dashing through the snow...

...on a cheap, thin, foam flat sled!

Yes my friends, the winter wonderland here in Kingston, New York has firmly brought out my inner 8 year old...except for the fact that I'm currently drinking a beer after an extended sit in the hotel's hot tub. Which I needed since my inner 8 year old could not quite reconcile itself with my 32-year old body.

We bought these cheap-@$$ sleds at a local grocery store then snuck into a nearby park for some late night New Year's Eve sledding. I completely forgot that we'd just eaten dinner at a swanky French restaurant, Le Canard something something, AND that I still had on nice clothes and my best sweater. My clothes were so full of snow when we got done that I had to take off some layers and leave them in the trunk of the car for the ride back to the hotel!

Today we went up to a great sledding hill in Woodstock..yes, THAT Woodstock :-) Lots of little hippy-ish shops and this one outstanding sledding hill. It was tall but quite packed down and icy and it was KiLlEr on the spine and tailbone. We visited Pine Hill (BeAuTiFuL!!!!!) then spied the supremo sledding hill of all time in some random person's yard. My brother, being the completely unfazed creature that he is, simply walked up and asked if we could obliterate their yard with sleds. Oh yeah, they were up for it :-)

Their little 10 year old boy got all his cool sleds and snow boards out and we made an evening of it! This was a totally epic hill for small, cheap sleds. I don't know his exact title, but he is my sister-in-law's sister's husband. Anyway, Victor took a turn on the hill and totally FLEW down, almost straddling a powerpole guide wire. I ran into a tree twice and my nephew Conner caught some sweet air off of a great jump. I have no idea if it was manmade or naturally occuring but he enjoyed it either way! Shelby was working her side of the mountain and nearly slid of into the street several times! Too much fun...not really, I could have had a little more :-)

We sledded and sweated for almost 2 hours before retiring to a little Mexican restaurant with THE best salsa evah! Three potent margaritas and one seafood burrito later, we were back at the hotel in the hot tub, soaking out the soreness and snacking on endless unhealthy items. Playing in the snow always makes you hungry :-) Just to keep things lively, Dave and I ran out into the snow (in our bathing suits), made a snow angel each then ran back in and jumped in the hot tub. Not quite the polar bear club, but not far off!

Tomorrow is our last day for fun activities as our flight leaves at 8am on Sunday morning. I have had an absolute BLAST and have been burning up the digital camera! Who knows when I'll see snow again after all? If I don't get another chance at blogging before I get back home, see ya on the flip side!

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