Monday, January 4, 2010

run, forrest, run

....which is what the Southwest flight attendant said to those of us making tight connections in Chicago yesterday. He listed the flights that were being held (mechanical troubles kept us on the tarmac for what felt like forever in Albany. It was snowing very hard on the way to the airport yesterday morning and the plows were not out yet so it was a nerve racking ride to the airport since we were running late anyway. We ran to the plane, only to have that mechanical trouble and have to sit forevah) and then said, "for the rest of you, run forrest run." I thought that was pretty funny.

Our flight was not mentioned as one being held but we ran for it anyway despite that it had been scheduled to leave 10 minutes earlier and lo and behold, they'd held it. Then they held it longer for the luggage to make it. Dave said he didn't think it be there come Birmingham, but I told him hope springs eternal and you know what? We had luggage when we got home. You rock, Southwest!

I had the grumpiest young lady sitting next to me the whole way...just really rude and annoying. I was pretty glad that she put her head down and either slept or pretended to the whole way back to Birmingham because I don't know if I could have stood her exasperated sighs too much longer. Also, the flight attendant had to tell her about 6 times to turn off her iPod and on the last go around just stood there to make sure she followed his request. I mean, is it really all that hard to wait 10 or 15 minutes to get above 10,000 feet?

I finally got to have a meal at about 2pm yesterday and I was starving! Other than that I'd been running on adrenaline and the 12 peanuts and 3 oz of liquid you get on board the airplane. I was on two airplanes so I guess technically I had 24 peanuts and 6oz of ginger ale. Turbulence...ick! I was home by 3, in pj's by 3:05, and dozing in the recliner not long after. I gave up and went to bed at 5:30pm and woke up a little before 8 this morning.

The only casualties of the trip, I suppose, are that I have some windburn on my face and a snotty nose. Oddly enough, it's not too much warmer here in Birmingham, Alabama that it was in Albany, New York.

I'm going to undecorate the house today and then go grocery shopping with my left over Christmas money. I have a ton of book group reading that MUST GET DONE this week while I'm on vacation. The only problem with being in three bookgroups is that I have to dovetail the reading I have to do with that which I want to do and sometimes those two agendas are more like arguing siblings than a single cohesive vision...right now it is like arguing siblings on a 600 mile car ride in a subcompact vehicle.

that is all.

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T said...

So, glad your home safe in the lovely tropical South. Come on Global Warming!! ;-)