Sunday, May 20, 2007

covered in candy and ready for my margarita!

We just finished the Summer Reading Kickoff here at EOL with 4 hours of chaos and fun. I worked a registration table this year and we did brisk business from 1 until after 3, then it was time to take down stuff and pull trash. The teen sign up table had a dispenser set up for Pucker Powder, which is just what it sounds like...sour powder the you put in a tube and eat (similar to pixie sticks). It comes in about 7-8 different color and is much finer than sand. As things were winding down, they started allowing some of the younger kids to use the dispenser just to use up the rest of the powder and it was like a freakin' school of piranha! I feared for my life! They were knocking bottles out and powder was going everywhere, thus I have sour candy powder in my nose (and I know that because it's stinging in there...nothing like purple snot to round out the day!), in my socks....hell, there's even some in my bra! It was like flour when things really started getting out of hand. I wouldn't be surprised if it's in my hair and ears.

Now we are required at La Paz for a celebratory drink but I'm starving so I'll be getting dinner as well. I'll need to in order to avoid getting absolutely tanked on a few 'ritas...I've become such a cheap date as I've gotten older :)


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