Monday, May 14, 2007

the creature stirs....

Now I know what the creature from the black lagoon feels like and let me tell you...the little guy gets a bad rap! All it needed was some freakin' sleep and it would have rescued kittens from trees and helped old ladies cross the street. I have class again this weekend and then interim will be over (if I don't die first). Here I am, off the clock, sitting at my desk in the ol' biblioteca doing homework. Okay, I'm blogging right now, but I've been doing homework since six o'clock and now I've got to drive an hour home...yada, yada, yada....I know, quitcha bichin'.....

Tomorrow is my morning off and guess what, no more swishing with the stuff from Hell! I get the plaque and staining cleaned off tomorrow and get to throw the rest of that godforsaken bottle away! I may soak my teeth in coffee all day tomorrow just to celebrate!

We are fully into the Summer Reading madness here at EOL and my goal is to remain semi-sane. No sense in making promises I can't keep :) We are turning one of the desks up here into the Mystery Machine, I'll have to take a pic so the world can worship our genius. T's done all the hard work, I just have to help with assembly. We debated over whether or not the teens would think it was lame, but I love it so those that don't bad scooby snacks!

Alright, that's enough blathering for tonight. I'm heading home to thoroughly examine the insides of my eyelids.


Katie said...

I read "eat scooby snacks" as "eat booby snacks"

Holley T said...

that's my other blog, KT :)