Monday, May 26, 2008

a battered fedora

for those of you in the know, that's the only clue you needed to figure out that I've just seen Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. I unconditionally love IJ strings attached...and I thought this one delivered. I know some will have something to say about the denouement but there is nothing in this movie that has not been actually run through the grist mill of urban legend prior to Spielberg and Lucas getting ahold of it so don't pull back on those suspension-of-disbelief reins! Give that pony the bit and let it run, you'll have a great time! And sit up close so it's truly larger than life!

I am at Tucker and Cole's house right now and I'm about to be underway to the houseful of pets where I'm actually staying, then it's off to KT's for more fun than you can shake a stick at! I heard rumors of a slip-n-slide, but I'm not going to try it because I'm pretty sure this tank@$$ would turn it into a stumble-n-stick. I will have no qualms about running around in the sprinkler, participating in a spoon race or trying to unrust my horseshoes game however.

I sincerely hope everyone has had a great Memorial Day weekend with fun, frivolity, and time to reflect on what it means outside of a day or two off work.

afternoon ya'll!


Kenny P. said...

Your description of the slip-n-slide reminded me of the video over at

Hope it was fun!

Holley T said...

thanks KP! I have now added that site to my bloglines account...funny stuff!