Friday, May 23, 2008

summer is here . . . .

. . . .and the summer petsitting bonanza has begun. I have two jobs this weekend with a third having been called off at the last minute late last night. I could have done with the money but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't grateful. Ferrying my goodwill between two households is work enough thank you very much. Unfortunately, Tucker and Cole's house is my visiting job while Darby, Orion and Piglette comprise the stay-at house. There are four cats there too but I don't know their names yet. T & C's mom is going back out of town on the 31st and I'll be actually staying with them for another week then but I'll be at D, O and P's house until then. It's all very confusing to write about but I have a little calendar in my purse that keeps me straight on where I'm supposed to be and when. Summer is always a big traveling time and people like their pets to be happy and comfortable while they're gone. I guess if I ever get tired of being a librarian, it wouldn't be all that difficult to get a job at a professional petsitting service. I'd hope my clients would follow me although they would not be happy about the price increase :)

I'm SO excited about tomorrow! Not only do I not have to go to work, but I'm going to get the rest of my hair cut off AND I get to go see my new future pet sitee's! My friend T has adopted 2 (count em', 2!) one week old pitbull puppies from a local pitbull rescue association. T and her family have always had pits but have been dogless since old age and disease claimed their last two, the sweethearts Betsy and Scarlett. I'll share a funny (only now is it funny, T sure didn't think it was funny at the time. ***If I've already blogged about this here, please forgive my scorching case of CRS (can't remember sh!t)*** Due to an unfortunate set of circumstances surrounding my mother's crappy boyfriend's drug abuse, our subsequent flight for our lives, and a whole host of bad decisions on my mom's part (which we've long since laid to rest and gone on about our lives over), I found myself without a place to live and with very little money to remedy the situation. My friend T and her mom took me in, rent free until I could get a job that allowed me to pay them anything. Betsy and Scarlett were the belles of the household until Betsy tragically got into some fairly rancid post party poolside garbage and ate enough of it to get a fatal case of garbage gut...she fought it hard and T and her mom did too, with all available resources but it was Betsy's time to go. Scarlett subcumbed to cancer if I remember correctly (isn't it amazing how your brain suppresses so well what it doesn't like?). On to happier, funnier stuff. T and her mom had to be at work earlier than me so Scarlett would come get in the bed with me until it was time for me to get ready for work. We were best buds the whole time I lived with them. When I finally got a decent job and could move out on my own, Scarlett mourned. She showed her grief by A) looking for me in the house at the times I should have been coming in from work and B) peeing in T's bed several times. I don't know why she thought it was T's fault. Maybe she would have peed in my bed there if I hadn't of taken it with me when I moved out. Who knows? All I remember is giggling about it when T told me. She wasn't giggling.

tee hee

To those who've listened to all the stories about pits and would rise up in exclamations of fear, I won't get up on my soapbox about it, but pitbulls get a tremendously bad rap and that's all I'll say.

Sunday is T's niece's birthday (Happy 10th, A!) and I'll be over at her house again enjoying the festivities (okay, I'll be playing with the puppies too damnit!).

Monday I'm gonna go hang (margaritas included I hope) over at KT's for some truly fabulous blue cheese burgers!

Now, go out there and have a good time doing SOMETHING! If you can't be good, be good at it :)

night ya'll!


Kenny P. said...

We'll be needing a petsitter in a couple weeks. (Actually only for the fish. We're taking the birds and the dog with us!) I wish you lived closer...A LOT closer!

zippyvet said...

I LOVE pit bulls! So what happened to Scarlett- did she get a bloat or something??

Holley T said...

KP-If I did live closer, I would be honored to look after the fish...

Z-She did get a bloat AND septicimia (sp?) if I'm remembering I say, the ol' CRS has kicked in. T may clarify things when she reads this entry (but you don't have to if you don't want to, T)

T said...

Betsy's kidney's shut down from whatever toxin she ate in the garbage and, 3 years later, Scarlett developed a large tumor in her abdomen.