Tuesday, May 13, 2008

tuesday ruminations

So, to catch up...the storms of Saturday night/Sunday morning split and went around my house. I remember waking up only one time when the power blinked out and I noticed that it was lightning fit to die but I couldn't hear a whole lot of rain and the thunder wasn't as loud as I thought it should be with that much lightning. The power came back on momentarily and I listened to the radio for a while until I ascertained that the storm was indeed not coming through my area, then I went back to sleep.

I picked Mom up 10-ish, gave her the pine needle basket (which she LuRvEd!), and we had lunch at the Emperor's House II Chinese restaurant in Eastwood before heading over the Rave theater at Patton Creek to see What Happens in Vegas (starring Cameron Diaz and Ashton Kutcher). It was a very funny, cute, and entertaining movie to watch and I would enjoy seeing it again if the opportunity presents itself. I'm sad to say that after that, Mom just tagged along with me while I bought groceries then we went back to our respective houses.

Funny Mom story - Mom recommended the apple pie at the restaurant which was made with philo (sp?) dough instead of a regular pie crust. I don't usually like cooked apples but I decided to give it a try and I put a little soft serve ice cream on top of it, maybe 2 or 3 tablespoons full. I am lactose intolerant and I just wanted the creamy flavor, not gastrointestinal fallout. I got back to the table and Mom saw the ice cream. She frowned and said, "Holley! What about your latex intolerance?" After I snorted apple pie out of my nose, she herself caught on to what she had actually said and in a rush, "Well, that thing you have about milk! I know it's not latex! You know that a latex intolerance is...."

And I'll leave it there because I just sat with my mouth hanging open as MY MOTHER described for me just what "latex intolerance" is. I finally said to her, "Mom, it's a latex sensitivity, not an intolerance, and I KNOW what it means! I have LACTOSE intolerance!" I could literally feel the people around us staring.

Yesterday was a relatively uneventful day here at la biblioteca. We were busy and the day passed quickly. I exercised yesterday morning and this morning as well as having a super healthy day 98% of the time for both days too! I had gained 6 pounds when I weighed in yesterday and it hurt my feelings something awful. Not awful enough to keep me out of Milo's for dinner tonight but I had a bang on healthy day up to this point and I will have good days for the rest of the week! I vow it! I will not lose my momentum!

KT and I have been out shopping for prizes for the Summer Reading program we are working on for grownups, the first one at this library. The Children's Dept and the Teen librarian have been doing one for their respective demographics for years and we decided kids didn't need to have all the fun. We are putting together a grand prize gift basket with picnic ware, a bottle of wine, books, CD's, DVD's, Playaways, and an iPod Shuffle. We may add more stuff to it as we come up with more ideas. Weekly prizes include a shaved ice snow cone maker, a Planet Earth DVD board game, a keychain digital camera, and an Mp3 player. There are 8-10 weeks to the Summer Reading program so we have a few more prizes to buy but we just got tired and had to leave. Next time we'll have to start earlier in the day when neither of us has been on our feet out on the floor all day. Kickoff for the SRP is this coming Sunday and I'm actually starting to look forward to it!

Of course, it helps that the LAST bus trip to Montgomery/Monroeville/Selma is day after tomorrow. I will be glad to get this particular bit of library programming behind me as I am exhausted just from worrying about it, not to mention actually going on the trips. I have, as you can tell from all the photos, really enjoyed the Old Live Oak Cemetery and I look forward to exploring that last quadrant on Friday. No doubt I'll put up some more photos from this last journey and I just hope the weather holds!

evenin' ya'll!


Erica said...

your mom is a hoot!

Kenny P. said...

Latex Intolerance...Tee Hee!

Holley T said...

tee hee indeed :)