Saturday, May 10, 2008


I'm tired, people. Thank goodness, the last B1g Re@d bus trip is next week and I won't have to think about it again. It is stressful taking that many people way off into the country and making sure they see lots of interesting sights. Week before last, we were an hour out of Birmingham watching Spike Lee's documentary 4 Little Girls when I heard a little swell of conversation behind me. I distinctly heard the word "sick" and quickly turned around to look just in time to see the person two seats back vomit, then sort of pass out with their eyes rolled back in their head. The word "stroke" was bandied about while I whipped my cell phone out and called 9-1-1. Luckily we were seconds from and exit and the driver darted off the interstate. The ambulance was there in a flash and they were concerned something cardiovascular was going on so the man was whisked into the ambulance, his wife picked their luggage up from underneath the bus, the ambulance left and we got back on our way. Nothing else of an emergency-type situation occured but I don't have to tell ya'll how glad I was to get back home...

Last week's trip was relatively uneventful although we had a few high maintenance passengers with ENDLESS questions about every miniscule detail. When we pulled into the mall at the end of the trip though, everyone raved about what a great time they had so it was a SUCCESS! I'm sure next week will be the same and we can consider the whole venture also a success and tack on those last, wise words....a good time was had by all :)

So, I'm watching SNL and it is really pitiful when I remember the good shows with Belushi, Martin, Chase, Ackroyd and their ilk. I should be asleep but caffeine is working its magic and although I am tired, I cannot go to sleep so I'll just watch bad tv and wait for the damaging winds and scattered tornadoes to get here later on this evening, or rather, early tomorrow morning. I hate the storms that come in the middle of the night, especially since I live in a manufactured home. I guess if I had a lick of sense I'd head on over to my Dad's house to spend the night but I'd rather be at much for a lick of sense. I'm really hoping these storms will go north of here.

I hope everyone has plans for Mother's Day tomorrow. I'm going to pick up Mom 10-ish in the morning, we'll have an early lunch then see a movie. I'm not sure about the rest of the day but Mom and I usually work pretty well with a flexible schedule. You can see a previous post for a photo of the pine needle basket I made for her today.

Well, off to sleep and I hope everyone in the path of the storms here has a safe night!


Kenny P. said...

Wow! I hope you've been sleeping since Saturday, and not picking through rubble or something!

Hey, and I just noticed the LaVey quote at the top. That's a good one.

Holley T said...

The storms went elsewhere and caused havoc. I only lost power for a few moments as it passed through with LOTS of thunder and lightning.