Thursday, June 12, 2008

ta da!

Look at hu puppeh footses!

Look at hu puppeh wiskahs!

Look at hu puppeh belleh after a bottle! (doing what you do after you get a full tummy)

Look at her pit bull muzzle already in full effect! She got puppy formula all over A's shirt in the process of being fed.

T and her mom got Bella and Isabeaux at about 10 days old from a local pit bull rescue after the mother was brought in to receive emergency care from their local vet. The mother was bad off enough to be unable to care for the puppies. Unfortunately Izzy was not strong enough to stay with us and she died unexpectedly last Thursday. As you can see, Bella is eating everything not nailed down and gnawing on the things that are (as long as it comes in a bottle). She is the cutest, sweetes thing you'd ever want to see and I look forward to watching her grow up!

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t said...

Thanks for the pics. Everyone has been asking me for new ones. She has her first shots today. She's started walking on all fours, too.

Emmet O'Neal Library said...

omg! such cuteh-ness!
wook at da wound bewwies.

Holley T said...

T - I tried emailing you more pictures last night but I couldn't get yahoo to cooperate with me and it was creeping up on midnight. I will try again tonight to send additional pics to you.

KT - You should try holding her little bewwie in your hand! She's such a coot widdle baby!

t said...

Her got a rawhide bone from her aunts at the vet's office and next week, her can start eating 'big-dog' food! ;-)

Holley T said...

do you think that will lengthen the time between feedings or no?

t said...

I hope so. Right now she eats @ 5am, 10am, 2pm, 6pm, & 10pm. She's walking around, exploring, and she's started wagging her tail. :-)

ally said...

awww these pics are so cute