Tuesday, June 10, 2008

tuesday ruminations

so I decided that Mondays are going to be my Vegetarian Day. Yesterday was my first effort and I am proud to report that it was 100% successful!

I had cereal and soy milk for breakfast, white bean & corn chili for lunch, and bean burritos with fresh cilantro and green onions for dinner. I was amazed at how hard it was at each meal to avoid thinking about the fact that there was no meat involved. I combated the feeling that my meal was not complete. While I have no interest in becoming a dedicated vegetarian, one day a week (maybe more if it get's easier and I learn to enjoy it) is not outside my grasp.

Basically, it pissed me off that it was hard to do and I obssessed about it so much. That, if nothing else, will keep me motivated to continue with the habit. I don't enjoy it when I feel like something has the better of me. I've always been a sore loser :)

I hate that I haven't been blogging more often but the summer madness here at la biblioteca just seems to swallow me up and too busy to get any posting done at work and too tired to even get on the computer at home. I save all these little scraps of paper with notes to myself about things I'd like to blog about and either I've lost interest in the topic by the time I get the time or I didn't write enough down and I have no idea what the little scrap of paper is talking about. That makes me feel old, let me tell you.

So, here's to a better day! I still won't be blogging when I get home (at least, I don't think so) because tonight KT and I are continuing our Foreign Horror Fest with a Thai flick, Sick Nurses!

From Amazon:

In a neglected hospital seven young nurses and a respected doctor have been selling body parts of dead patients on the black market. When one of the nurses falls in love with the doctor she urges them all to get out of the scam. Threatening to go to the police she is viciously murdered and dies uttering a vengeful curse. Seven days later her tormented soul longing to find its love returns. Preying on each of the women s obsessions and weaknesses she exacts her horrifying revenge.



Kenny P. said...

You will triumph and become 1/7th of a vegetarian! I believe!!!

Not to pretend I'm cool or anything, but I've been a vegetarian for 5 years now, so it can be done!

Holley T said...

I'm trying KP, it feels worthwhile

Katie said...

SiCk NuRsEs was the BEST MOVIE EVER!!!! (That last bit was in Spongebob voice). How 'bout a green handbag?
k ;)

Holley T said...

only if it is glittery and floats around abandoned Thai hospitals...

Ms. Hubbard said...

Sick Nurses looks awesome