Saturday, June 21, 2008


My aunt has uterine cancer which her primary doctor feels confident can be gotten rid of with a hysterectomy but she has not yet spoken to the gynecological oncologist her doctor has referred her to. Everyone is very, very confident that this has been caught early and can be handled efficiently at this point.

She has tapped me to take care of paying her bills while she is recovering and my grandmother will go into a rehab facility for at least 10 weeks during that time as well. She is bedridden and not a little senile. My aunt has been her primary caretaker (with occasional help from a home help nurse) for several years. My aunt has been upset because my grandmother didn't care when she told her she had cancer, she just cried and screamed accusations at my aunt about her (my grandmother's) imminent homelessness. Senility is hard on both sides of the issue. I really felt sorry for my aunt because she tends to take those things personally and not be quite able to consider that she is now the parent and my grandmother is the acting-out child. I will be interested to see how this situation pans out.

I'll keep you updated.


Erica said...

i'm gonna keep your fam in my prayers! :)

Kenny P. said...

That sounds promising. I hope it all turns out OK.