Tuesday, November 4, 2008

as promised :)

I proudly present to you the Blue Witch, Hannah Montana, a diminutive purple-croced Cinderella, and a Mom!
I applied everyone's makeup, including my own. I wasn't going to put on any makeup but the girls seemed amused so I'm glad I did :)
Cinderella's energy petered out early on, so the Mom also functioned as a kind of sherpa for her majesty. She asked for candy every so often and we unwrapped a piece and handed it up to her. As some point she tried to hand me a well-goobered piece of something and I graciously declined. She was pleased. I am surprised the Mom did not have well-goobered candy all in her hair.
As I mentioned in another post, E asked me to hold her hat because it "made her head feel cold" and Essie just gave me the microphone. I assume it was interfering with her candy acquisition. So, from goth aunt/librarian to cheesy Vegas lounge witch I went. Happily I might add, though after I took this photo of myself Essie Montana wanted her microphone back :)
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Anonymous said...

Love the blue eyeshadow! And the hat really sets it off. ;-)