Saturday, November 1, 2008

time change and sundry items

don't forget that you should have set all your clocks back one hour!  It has recently gone from 12am (and waaaay past my bedtime) to 11pm (moderately past my bedtime.  "Recently" means 30 minutes ago so it is now close to waaaay past my bedtime again.  

Oh, but just let me tell you why I'm a bit wakeful.  I went with KT and Z to see Quarantine tonight. I have visions of things that snarl and gnaw dancing in my head and I'm concerned that they will visit me in my sleep.  I'm such a baby!  So, it's nearly midnight and I'm on my second giant mug of hot chocolate liberally laced with butterscotch wintry beverage of choice thanks to KT.  It was SO MUCH FUN! ...aside from insanely scary...

Yesterday I went to see Zack and Miri Make a Porno and loved it!  I have told everyone I talk to that it is a chick flick in wolves' clothing so don't be fooled.  If you go to see it, you will see a romance interspersed with porno bits.  However, like all bad porn they just look bored while Zack and Miri look anything but.  I would watch it again for the high school reunion if nothing else.  I only wish our 10 year reunion had coughed up anything that interesting but I didn't even get to go since I was in the middle of grad school at the time and had class that night so I guess I shouldn't complain about the level of inactivity.

Today is my dad's 65th birthday and he and my stepmom and my brother, sister-in-law, niece and nephew agreed to meet for lunch by library so I could join in too since I had to work today.  We had burgers and fries and beer and a great time.  I had to leave before everyone else so I could get back to the library to let my coworker go to lunch but Daxx was v.v. understanding and patient with my extended family lunch.

If you haven't noticed the new item on my sidebar, I'm finally on Facebook!  I still don't quite know how I'm going to manage all the different sites I'm farting around with now but I guess it'll work itself out somehow.  It isn't as if I have anything better to do when I get off work, most of the time anyway.  I am getting out and socializing a lot more than I did.  Hey, in fact I've been carded 3 times this week!  It must be all the hot chocolate giving me a childish glow or something because I haven't been carded in YeArS and one carder frowned at me mightily as if it might be a fake ID.  It made my day, really.  I wanted to say, "Sir, if you'll just shine your flashlight at my head and look at this bumper crop of tinsel coming in...I assure you that license is accurate."  But I didn't, I simply smiled and walked on in.

I went trick-or-treating with KT and her kids yesterday evening and I'll have pictures as soon as I'm motivated enough to get my camera out of my purse.  I decided to put on a little of the girls' Halloween makeup because it would make them laugh and I had on my favorite zombie tshirt so when the girls asked me what I was I just told them I was a goth librarian.  For a six, five and three year old, this meant nothing :)  Over the course of the evening E asked me to hold her witch hat because "it makes my head feel cold" and Essie simply handed me her Hannh Mntana microphone with no explanation so I gradually transitioned into a bad lounge act in Vegas.  I took a photo to push home the point, you'll see.  Toes petered out pretty early and ended up riding for most of the night on KT's shoulders.  Toes' Cnderlla dress ended up on top of KT's head so she went from indulgent mom to a weird looking nun with a child growing out of her back.  I have photos of that too.  lots and lots (read: 7) of photos!

Plus I need to take a good photo of my new tattoo AND my new bumper sticker (Driving Slower to Save Gas).  I must tell you that my fellow motorists have been much more polite since I applied the sticker.  They were pissed off when they thought I was just some old crochety librarian (since I do have Librarian: The Original Search Engine on one side already) but now that there is a REASON that I'm driving slow, and one they can apparently respect, I don't get tailgated as much and have not gotten flipped off either!  There may be hope for the human race yet, I'll let you know after the election.

night ya'll!
Proud to support Change We Can Believe In - November 4th!  

No matter who you plan to vote for, GO OUT AND VOTE!!!!!!!


Erica said...

hmm, this hot chocolate with schnapps sounds really good, i must say. i need to look into that!

Holley T said...

erica, you must have butterscotch schnapps NOW! It is the best before-bed drink EVER! Wearing fuzzy houseshoes, if you have them, adds a little extra something, IMHO


David said...
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