Sunday, December 14, 2008


(to borrow from Juice, the library ninja)

Let me start off by saying that today is the day of the stupid f*%k 


I hope your day is as ridiculously special as mine is currently.  Not everyone falls under the heading of stupid f*%k, but many (many, many, many, many, many) do.


Patron walks up to the massive desk behind which I sit wearing my name tag that says "Holley, Reference Librarian"

Patron: Is there a big desk up here where a librarian sits?

Me:.....*blink* (then I do a Vanna White-esque presentation gesture at the desk and myself and manage a strangled, "How may I help you?)

The patron hands me a Florida driver's license (we are in the state of Alabama).

Patron: The lady downstairs told me you could give me a temporary library card....(which we don't do, never have, never will)

Me:  Do you just need to use a computer?  If you want to use the computers I can log you on but we don't give out temporary cards.

Patron: yes



Erica said...

our department was like that ALL WEEKEND too. made me want to hit my head on the desk repeatedly.

Kenny P. said...

I hate them.

Holley T said...

a lady told me today that she hoped my attitude resulted from having a long day rather than that just being my normal behavior....after I got over the instant need to hit her in the face with a book until I had brains in my hair, I smiled and apologized.

Anonymous said...

'No, my attitude comes from answering the same moronic questions over and over.' I just grit my teeth and say to myself, 'They're paying me to be nice, they're paying me to be nice...'

Holley T said...

that would have been a GR8 reply, but I don't think it would have help her highness of the be-atch