Sunday, December 14, 2008

packing stuff

I will be petsitting starting today until late afternoon Christmas day.  I'll come home every few days to check on Bink since she doesn't really handle me being gone as well as she did when she was a younger I have to pick up my mail!  I'm expecting some pretty decent netflix movies in the next little while as I went wild on my queue yesterday and added about 15 things I haven't watched in oh.....15 years or so.  I'm talking great 80's and early 90's hair and corny acting, it's going to be fanf*&kingtastic when they get here.  Have you ever seen this, or maybe this?  Fun stuff, I assure you!  
anyway, gotta run so I can get to work on time today!

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Anonymous said...

mmmmm..Paul Mecurio...