Monday, December 22, 2008

conversations with Toes...

(and Toes is 2 and a half, one of my honorary nieces via KT)

Toes:  "we onwee dwaw on papuh, not own wawls, owah awms, owah ebee, owah scowt, owah mommy, owah daddy, owah auntie, owah nanna, owah aunt howie, onwee on papuh, not on wawls...right aunt howee?"

Me: that's right!  no drawing on walls, only on paper!

E: "Mom!  Bebe's on the couch!"

Toes: "BEBE!  Get owf duh couch!"  (to me:) "Bebe teetees on duh couch."

Me: Yes, Bebe is getting old and can't hold her bladder very well anymore.

Toes: Bwadduh?

Me:  Yes, everything that teetees has a bladder.

Toes: Weulll, I teetee and I don't haf a bwadduh!

Me: Yes, everyone in the house has a bladder.

Toes: Weull,  Nana don't haf a bwadduh.

Me: Yes she does.  Everyone has a bladder Toes.

Toes: why you haf two eahwings aunt howee?

Me: because I have two ears

Toes: why? (yes, we have arrived at this developmental stage)

Me: God put them there

Toes: why?

Me: You'll have to take that up with him.

Toes:  I don't haf two ears

Me: Well, what are these?

Toes: Okay, well maybe

Toes will be a philosophy major at some point I'm fairly certain :)


Erica said...

that child cracks me up.

Katie said...

That child cracks ME up!
She told nana tonight that we had been to the hospital today (????!!!!!)

Holley T said...

well, nothing brightens up an uneventful day like an imaginary trip to the hospital :)