Sunday, August 9, 2009


If you'll remember (and if not, this the reminder), my last big grocery trip was around the first of May. I spent $152 and got 91 meals out of it, the last of which I finished this past week. May to August on one grocery run is not too bad. I did have to go back intermittantly (sp?) for milk and fresh produce of course, but not for entree-type items. For whatever reason, my yield was not as successful this time around but I got a solid 80 meals out of a $180 trip.

I tried some new recipes because I was tired of the other food except for lasagna and chicken & dumplings so I added the curried rice & chicken, white bean chili, mexican goulash, and a pot roast with potatoes. It's a nice mix of flavor, color, and texture and should last me. I also had some turkey sliced at the deli as I can not abide the processed lunch meats anymore. I got some Hebrew National hotdogs as they are the best things evah! I had some leftover rice from the curry recipe so I added the roasted onions/garlic and leftover stock from roasting the chicken and I figure that can be some additional meals all on its own.

My freezer is full to bursting. I have a veggie drawer full of fruits and veggies. I have a block of horseradish cheddar from the Amish Country (Thanks again Kathy!!!). Life is good.

Today Mom and I are going to see what kind of trouble we can get into. I think we are going to see The Ugly Truth. Gerard Butler, purrrrrrrrr.

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