Tuesday, August 11, 2009


I found a burgeoning hornet's nest in the barn! It was only about the size of a golf ball and I'm not 100% sure it was a hornet's nest but that it the only buggy structure I've ever seen that it resembled though it was only about the size of a lemon. It got hosed down with roach spray anyway as I don't want those creatures that nearby. Of course, then I had to go through the other parts of the barn to see if I could find evidence of anymore. I did not see anything else but it was by no means a thorough search as the barn gives me the fantods, even in broad daylight.

I think of my barn as I think of the ocean...kind of distant, I can't see the bottom, and stuff lives out there that I'm pretty sure is not afraid of me and could be quite harmful there for I don't go in too far. I would love to post a sign on it: Rummage Sale, For Real! As in, you stop by and rummage through (after signing a release waiver for harm, allergies, stitches, rabies, tetanus, mold, mice, rats, hornets, feral cats, opposums, armadillos, bunnies, etc) and I'll charge you $1 for every item you find and want to take home with you. Do you think anyone would be interested in dusty, buggy crap for $1?

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Unknown said...

Dusty, buggy crap?! Ooh, ooh, me!