Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Mop Men by Alan Emmins

Mop Men I happened upon by chance. This takes more effort in a library than you might imagine since I work here and I don’t browse. The last thing I’m hurting for, trust me, is reading material. But, the bloody “Wet Floor”-type sign snagged my attention and I can never turn down the possibility of gore.

In Mop Men, Denmark-dwelling Englishman Alan Emmins travels to California to follow Crime Scene Cleaners, Inc. CEO Neal Smither around for one month as Neal cleans up the messiest of other peoples’ messes.

The side of his truck says it all:

Crime Scene Cleaners, Inc.

Homicides, Suicides & Accidental Deaths

This book is so descriptive, it almost physically stinks. Just so you know ahead of time. I loved it and read it in one afternoon. Ironically, the afternoon where I finished A Bride In the Bargain and The Posthuman Dada Guide. That in itself is very dada.

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