Monday, August 10, 2009

! ! ! this just in ! ! !

Young Patron: I'm looking for the second Harry Potter book, the lady downstairs said you had one up here.

M: Well, I just looked over there for one of the other books for someone else and it was the last one. Let me check the catalog.


M: Yes, Chamber of Secrets just checked in so go down to the front desk and give them the name of the book and that it was recently returned.

YP: *squirming and making noncommital noises and the corresponding facial expression* Well, I really wanted it today. We're going to the beach.

M: um..well, downstairs is IN the building so you'd have it today. Just go to the desk and tell them it was recently returned.

YP: Well, I'll just find something else.

M: Let me just go get that for you.

that is all.

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t said...

that doesn't bode well for future job interviews..'well, maybe I'll just work at McDonald's..." If you want it, you have to suck up the courage to take that first step. :-)