Tuesday, October 6, 2009

random craziness

has anyone else who works with the public experienced a severe uptick in crazies lately? Cuz, let me tell you...the liberry is jumpin'!

Matt had a freaky Friday, Katie got broadsided this morning, and this evening I had an old lady call, WAILING and SOBBING, babbling about missed appointments and dinner was supposed to be tonight and it got mixed up with Tuesday (or the reverse, I couldn't understand her very well) and she was trying to make it right and nobody would just answer the phone and what was she going to dooooooooooooo?!?!?! Can't you just help meeeeeee?!?!?! I said, "I'm sorry ma'am, but what is your specific question?"
OL: I need to speak to somebody RIGHT NOW but no one is answering the phone. I need to speak to someone at The Club RIGHT NOW!

Me: Ma'am, this is the library.

OL: I know, but they're not answering the phone. I want to speak to someone directly RIGHT NOW! *wails and sobs again*

Me: I can look up the phone number for you. Are you talking about the country club or The Club?

OL: *escalated wails and sobs* NOOOOO! NOT THE COUNTRY CLUB! THE CLUB!

I googled the number and gave it to her. She sobbed and hung up. Hope it was the right one.

.....and RIGHT NOW dear readers? Right now, creepy bowlcut fireman is walking across the library blowing various wet and chunky bits into a cloth hanky. It sounds like some sort of bizarre elephant mating ritual. Is it ever okay to blow snot out of your nose right out in public? An unexpected sneeze I can fully understand, but this is a five minute, chunky, wet, particulate-ridden nose blow.

Get this straight, John Q. Public. I've seen what you leave in public toilets and sinks not to mention what you'll just casually walk around and do around other people.

Frequently, you are gross.

that is all.

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t said...

I feel for you on the freaky call thing... :-)