Monday, December 28, 2009


You'd think, by the way I'm dragging my feet on this, that I've never before, IN MY LIFE, packed a suitcase. Now, admittedly, it's pretty damn cold where I'm going and I've had to purchase a whole new set of clothes for this adventure, but still. Pack the damn suitcase Holley!

So, I'm going to New York on Wednesday! I've never been before and am pretty excited about it. Chances at this point are slim that we'll go into actual NYC, but it's a state I've not yet been to so I'll take whatever part of it they want to show me. We are going to Kingston and, consulting the website, we are both at a very similar temperature right now. That's pretty funny considering this is Alabama :-)

Geography has never been one of my strengths but my big brother tells me that it is in upstate NY. Looking at a map it seems to me to be more in the bottom right hand corner near Connecticut, but maybe they label things differently up the upper Nile or something. We will be closer to Woodstock than to NYC and the town of Kingston itself dates back to the arrival of the Dutch in the late 1600's. The town has a historical district so maybe I can wander around and get into some least as much as I'm capable of anyway.

Alright, enough dawdling! I'm packing my suitcase now, night ya'll!

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