Monday, May 4, 2009

gloomy Monday

It is so hard to get out of bed when it's all gloomy and overcast like it is today.  My property and person went unharmed despite the fact that the weatherman was showing all kinds of bow echoes, wall clouds, and other tornadic activity right over my house!  Binky was asleep on the back of my recliner when I got home so I knew we had truly weathered the storm in style.  

I did go ahead and drag myself out of bed when the alarm went off this morning at 6am and got in a good 45 minute session on the recumbent bike.  I doubled up on my productivity by reading two chapters of my book group book while I was at it!  

So far today I have had:
8 oz of V8
8 oz of soymilk
1 piece of HFCS-free toast
2 tbls of natural peanut butter

I brought lots of fruit, some 2% cheese, 1 oz of almonds, my very favorite Lime & Salt popcorn, some hot chocolate mix, and some baked sesame crackers for snacks if I get hungry during the day.  Oh yeah, and lots and lots of water!  I'd lost another 4 lbs this morning according to my home scale!


Anonymous said...

congrats on the 4 pounds! real also has some menus and exercises. I'm going to start this evening.
Good luck!

Anonymous said...

wow! what progress. good for you. keep up the great work! yay!

Holley T said...

tryin' my hardest!