Wednesday, May 27, 2009

a special post

no, not really, but I made you look!  

I start another 10 day pet sitting job tomorrow so another sporadic blogging interval approaches.  I won't have to deal with real estate agents this time around so that's a plus!  I promised myself I wouldn't whine on and on about summer reading and I'll try my hardest to keep that promise...if anyone should have that privilege, it would be the people in children's.  Not only is it just capital C-R-A-Z-Y this time of year, but the schools went and completely changed their summer reading requirements and now, instead of following a list, it feels like the entire student population entering 7th and then the 8th and 9th graders are following us around asking for good books.  This is part of my job and I normally don't mind it, but between 1200 and 1500 people a day walk through the library doors and they are not all students looking for summer reading.  The kids get impatient, the parents get even MORE impatient, and our regular patrons just get disgusted.  It truly is a no win situation.

But enough about all that!  I have something truly special for you!  Now, most kids are out of school or soon will be.  That means many of you will be receiving them as visitors (i.e. other people's kids, your nieces, nephews, grandchildren, godchildren, etc) in your home.  What better time could there be to spiff up that extra room for the kids?!?!  

You know I've pulled out that venerable 1968 tome, Decorating Ideas for Every Room in Your Home!  And this time it's a two-fer, one for boys and one for girls, take a look!

Now, for the girls' room the book has this to say:
Flowers bloom in profusion in this delightful girl's room played out in matching wallpaper and fabric.  To create the illusion of greater space, short canopies frame each bed, while a single contemporary table-desk serves both as study area and nightstand.

Now, IMHO, matching wallpaper and fabric is NEVER a good thing but they were apparently terribly fond of it in the 60's because I see it in this book alot.  I doubt you can see it in this picture, but the little "table-desk" between the beds has a corkboard are just covered up in what I'm 99% sure are the Beatles.  As the crowning touch, and something I'm sure every teenage girl lusts after, a quill and ink set!  Those are featured several times in the designs in this book as well.  Little known fact.  Also, that totally creepy head on the top shelf to the left!  Couldn't you just imagine her doll-bright eyes turning on you in the middle of the night?!?!  

On to the boys, gird yourself for strength!  Here's what the book says about this walking nightmare:
A hardy, rugged look was achieved in the boy's room by the choice of a wallpaper that most successfully fakes the grain of outdoor shingles.  Wicker hampers painted black, and placed at the foot of each bed, stores additional linens.  Plywood shelf is made into a spacious desk.

Seriously people, take a good close look at that room and tell me it doesn't look a bit like a medieval torture chamber.  Who in the world would think it was a good idea to put two boys in a room with a dozen iron horseshoes, a riding crop, and what ever the hell else is hanging on the wall next to the fake horse head?  Just for good measure, they hung a horn of some kind on the tree thing and threw some apples and glasses on the table.  No officer, my sons were not doing anything inappropriate in THIS room.  They just play a bit rough.

That is all.


Kenny P. said...

That's such a good book. I wonder how they would have decorated an actual torture chamber!

Oh wait, never mind. I went to public school.

Holley T said...

I did too! good call!