Friday, February 12, 2010

Birthday fun!

I blogged earlier about my nephew's birthday a couple of weeks ago so here are some pics from the best weekend evah! Conner plays on an Upward Bound team. Shelby's pic is from the trip to the late Laserland and this is when we were loading up the two arcade games afterward. I fondly remember the days when I could still ride around in a grocery cart...of course, my friend Kevin accidently pushed me into a display of barbecue sauce in glass jars. We fled the grocery store quickly. It was a weekend and the store was within walking distance of the house so we wisely refrained from (a) being caught by the store employees who could not catch our youthful selves and (b) telling our parents about it. Of course, we shopped there so often that I don't know how they failed to either recognize us then or later but those who argue with the fates or luck are foolish indeed.

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