Sunday, February 21, 2010

here comes the sun

I tell you, ever since I've played Beatles Rock Band with my niece, nephew, and brother, I REALLY would like to get the soundtrack to that game. Is such a thing even possible? I don't want to collect everything, just those. Anyway, the sun is out and it makes the days so much more pleasant. A whole lot of things seem to be going pretty well for me lately. I got my taxes done, we're getting geared up for the library conference in Oregon next month, I've picked up a few petsitting jobs between now and then so I'll have a little spending money, I've been exercising AND making fairly decent food choices every day for the past week, I've had lots of social activity (for me anyway), and I have a wonderful group of friends!

On Friday night, KT invited me over for dinner so I grabbed one of the library's Scrabble games (used for teen game day programs), stopped by the store for some wine, and headed over there. KT's family has given up TV for Lent so I thought a rousing game of Scrabble after dinner would be just the thing and boy, was it! We played the longest game ever helped along by three bottles of wine and a 7, 6, and 3 year was EPIC :-) By midnight, KT had beat Doug and I by a mile and we had laughed and told a million ridiculous (but true) stories. It was one of the best evenings I've had in a long time! For those keeping score, the kids went to bed around 9:30 and, of course, did not partake of any spirits :-)

Last night I went to a friend's quite rowdy birthday party and had a fantastic time except that a lot of the festivities went on in the smoking area out in the garage and I don't do well in smoky environments. I contented myself with the relatively small group of people who also don't like cigarette smoke but this also led me to overindulge in party food. I got home around 1am this morning but I did get up and exercise as usual this morning so I'm putting the party food incident behind me.

After all of KT and my wailing and gnashing of teeth over how long it took The Road to get here and then having to go to an somewhat out of the way theater to see it, The Road has just shown up at the local $1 theater. Now, I'm not bitter and am glad I supported the film at full cost AND I'm pretty impressed that the $1 theater, where Paul Blart: Mall Cop showed for an astounding amount of time considering how absolutely moronic it was, has chosen to pick it up. KT and I are planning to have dinner and go see it again tonight!

How was your weekend?

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