Tuesday, February 9, 2010

things about which I'm excited

1. the picture I got my friend Polly to take of author Richard Peck and I two weeks ago at a fund raising dinner for a local middle school

2. the cardboard display a local grocery store let me have featuring your favorite chicken and mine!

3. the loaf of kalamata olive/feta cheese/roasted garlic stuffed bread brought to me by a coworker earlier today (see #2 for an excellent accompaniment to this bread)

4. the Mardi Gras party I have been invited to this weekend

5. the Decadent Dessert party we are having at work next tuesday...I'm making madeleines since I got a pan for christmas

6. going home after petsitting all week!

7. the Reader's Advisory Roundtable meeting in the morning...I lurve my job!

I'll think of some more as soon as this is posted, I'm sure!

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