Tuesday, March 27, 2007


Once again the F-ing University of Alabama has F-ed up my schedule! Registration began yesterday at 11am. I was at my computer, logged on to MyBama, at 10:55am and continuously checking so I could register AS SOON AS they opened registration. I got in, registered for my first class, LS 590-990, then went on to my second, LS 590-002. I got the message "Registration error-Duplicate course" which was obviously F-ed since they are not the same course, offered in different months with different instructors, different CRN numbers, DIFFERENT, DIFFERENT, DIFFERENT, DIFFERENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

After several tries, I called SLIS and spoke with Dr. Aversa, the Dean of the School of Library and Information Studies. It doesn't get any higher than that, people! At that time the class was half full and it was only 11:07am. Now, I'm not in the class I want, it was closed by 11:09, and I will no doubt get the shaft again. I F-ing hate that school, that program, my life while I'm in it. Now, thanks to this most recent screwup, I'll probably have to end up taking Children's Lit in July. There is absolutely nothing wrong with Children's Lit and it would be not-miserable to have another class with Dr. Atkinson but if I had gotten into the class I wanted I would be finished in June instead of July and I might actually have gotten to go somewhere or do something.

I just got into work so I can't let out the unintelligible, hysterical screaming that is going on inside my head. I haven't worked up a smile yet either so the night will be long and there may be a reprimand in my future, who knows?

I say right now that if they fix this and get me in that class that by all rights I should be in, I'll not hate them so much...maybe. I might even be able to work up a few nonhostile statements about the school and their library program...but I doubt it.

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