Wednesday, March 21, 2007

A Harrowing Day for Holley T.

Poor mom! She's sick and having a really tough time. Some sort of thyroid problem is wreaking havoc with her. Around noon her boss called to say that something was wrong with her and the paramedics had been called. I rushed out to the hospital but the boss called again to say that she was refusing to go to the hospital in the ambulance and could I come take her. Well of course when I got there she refused to go to the hospital since she's going to the Dr's office tomorrow. I can see her point though. She is aware of the problem, the doctor is aware of the problem, and she is pursuing treatment for the problem.

Also, Dr. B put her on medication for the thyroid problem which she took for the first time this morning not 30 minutes before the "episode". I looked at some of the information that comes with the medication and it listed the "adverse effects" that sometimes occurred with some pretty significant cardiovascular stuff listed. I'm worried, she's worried, so hopefully the specialist she is seeing tomorrow will have some good news for us.

Only 5 weeks left in the semester and I'm still alive! YEAH!

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