Saturday, March 24, 2007

Crisis Averted

So I've told Mom that we can relax a little now that she has been thoroughly checked over by the doctor via this neat test you can see. This is a generic picture but they did send us home with a page of similar pictures of my Mom's little ticker...looked good and no significant blockage was found so her "feeling yucky" is not cardiac in nature. All that's left is some thyroid testing and hopefully my little Momma-cita will be feeling more like herself and we can start hanging out together more...maybe even take a trip! We'd have to take the pest out with us but surely I can put up with one small terrier mutt long enough to enjoy myself? Doncha' think?....okay, maybe....

Be sure and checkout KT's blog, The Burrow! She has changed the template and added all kinds a' neat stuff and some wonderful new pictures of Poptart!

I have more things to say, but have unfortunately left this too late in the day to do it justice. Me & T have to close down now so I gots to go!


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