Tuesday, October 7, 2008

just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water

I proudly bring you another entry from 187 Ways To Amuse a Bored Cat, now with bonus commentary!

#155 - Sock Toys
A very simple, inexpensive plaything for kittens and cats is a child's white kneesock lightly stuffed with either waxed paper or the crinkly cellophane wrappers of cigarette packs [cause that's how I roll and I want my beloved to inhale some sort of toxic BPA/nicotine residue mix].  Tie the sock closed with a bit of yarn [it's a kneesock, tie a knot in it].  The toy is lightweight and makes noise. Kittens throw it in the air, jump on it, and attack it.  It cannot harm them [except for the toxic BPA/nicotine residue mix], and it can be emptied and washed.
A.L.S., Englishtown, NJ

Okay, my ribbing aside, this is actually a pretty good idea.  One of Bink's favorites is something that acts just like it but costed much more than sock and a pack of cigs.  I kid.  I think I'll get a sock from the pile of book-residue covered laundry [which is still just as you saw it in the picture from an earlier post] and put some Wal-mart sacks in it.  They didn't actually come from Wal-mart, that's just what we call them.  Similarly, I might be caught asking you what kind of Coke you want rather than asking your soft drink preferences.  It's what many of us do here in Alabama, get over it.

So, it's nearly 11:30pm and I'm drinking decaf coffee and eating rice.  It feels like a weekend night and that sounds pretty good up until the point when my alarm goes off at 6am tomorrow morning (which is getting closer and closer btw).  I'll be glad when daylight savings ends (begins?), when we fall back an hour anyway.  I don't like getting up in the dark as it just makes everything harder than it should be.  Binky thinks I'm straight nut crazy as well as she is currently in my room moaning like a lion on the Serengeti.  In Binky-speak that means it's bedtime and my dumb @$$ just doesn't get it.

Okay Binky, okay!  I wish ya'll could hear this, she's so bossy.

night, ya'll!

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