Saturday, October 18, 2008

pumpkin paintin' at Holley's House!

Z put us all to shame with her spoooooky haunted house! The bats in the sky and the enshading trees are overlooked by a waning moon adrift in the clouds...good work Z!
The bottom row represents the entirety of KT's family. From left to right: E's three eyed rainbow, Essie's arachnid-looking beastie, KT's feather-crowned beauty, P-toe's haunted veggie, and bringing up the rear is D's honorary decoration (since he was not there). I like everyone's randomly placed eyes! The sun and star pumpkin is T's and I wish you could see the flower and vine on the other side! Arrrrgh! I didn't get a pic!
Here is A's flapper can practically see her doing the Charleston! Come on, you know you can! Love the mole!
The is M's feathered friend! He looks pretty excited to be there next to the chips :) I told M he looked like Captain Harris from Police Academy. Hopefully someone, somewhere, will get that reference...come on people, don't make me feel old before my time!

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