Sunday, October 12, 2008

sometimes . . .

. . . I do wish I lived in a bit more of a progressive town, ya know?  I love living in a rural area except for some of people.  

Seattle's Dunshee House is hosting a citywide book discussion series called the Seattle Gay and Lesbian Book Club.  I thought at first that this was something organized by the Seattle Public Library but it is getting off the ground through the good work being done by the Dunshee House.  I'm sure SPL and the other community partnerships they are working for will come through for them but, as far as I'm concerned, this is the work that librarians should be particularly focused on, underserved populations!  

I am not gay so I can't speak to exactly what they go through in day to day life, but I have gay friends and I've heard their stories. Especially around here, the social outlets are few and far between.  When I say that, I'm not sure how to express what I truly mean by that statement but it would be something along the lines of there not being a ton of places where they can go, truly relax and be themselves without the censure, voiced or unvoiced, of others.  I'm a big girl, I know what it feels like to be stared at in fascination (and not in a nice way I assure you).

So, all that to say "Way to go Seattle!"

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