Sunday, March 1, 2009

all good things and all that

oh well, the sun came out and all that magic snowiness is sloughing off like so much dead skin...

Hopefully the roads will be dry by nightfall, there won't be any ice on the roads tomorrow, and my mom and I can still gad about tomorrow for birthday fun!

I came back in and took a shower to warm up my cold feet, had lunch and am not planning to budge from the house til tomorrow.  I have a strenuous hot chocolate schedule to maintain :)

I heard the volunteer fire department truck down the street leave out while I was out and I don't plan to be part of their problems.  We just don't do snow driving down here.  I'll be 32 tomorrow and it has only snowed and iced up once in my driving life.  I'm sure I could learn how to drive in those conditions but there's no opportunity.

To those who've had a snow day, keep the fun going!  To those for whom snow is a fact of life, sorry! :-)

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